Web design and development
by Tom Wilford.

Front-end developer with ample back-end
experience. Interested in clean, rational design and using latest web technologies. Originally trained in PHP at University of Leeds but now experimenting with Liquid, Node.js and other frameworks.


Pink Pig International Ltd link

Web development & design over different sites dedicated to retail, education and trade sectors. Resposibilities include maintaining product information & prices over the websites, as well as for online retail marketplaces. Additionally: design and orchestrate email and social media marketing, take care of all webmaster work, SEO and CPC advertising; and fill various other roles as and when required.

Jive Prints link_off

Ecommerce solution delivered on a budget. Worked with Jive on overall design and added own sticky navigation bar idea for mobile.

Anne Wyman link

Photography portfolio designed for student, based on their designer's ideas. Recently adapted for more commercial focus.

S Wilford Printer link

Basic single page site designed for father's Leicester based printing business, as well as local SEO work.

Is It George Michael? link

Micro-site produced in an afternoon in response to a Geordie friend referring to warm weather as “George Michael”.